Message from ASOSU Leadership

Dear fellow graduating students,

We are coming up on one of the most exciting times of the year: Graduation and the Commencement Ceremony! I know you all are likely just as eager as we are to participate in the final stages of your academic experience with Oregon State University.

With many accomplishments in life, there comes time for celebration. We are so proud of everything that you have accomplished during your time here at Oregon State University, and we want you to celebrate! This is the time to connect with new and old friends, family, and loved ones. Remember the times that we all had here at Oregon State, whether it be good or bad and take some time to be proud of yourself for these accomplishments.

We want to remind everyone that it is essential that we commemorate responsibly and respectfully. We recognize that everyone is going to celebrate in different ways, but we can all do so in ways that protect our individual and interpersonal safety.

On Commencement Day, the Oregon State University campus will have the same policies as every other day including the prohibition of alcohol and other drugs on campus. Not only are we not allowed to bring these materials to campus, we simply do not need them. On that day, we want to be our best selves for our friends, families, and for fellow graduating Beavers.

Join us on Commencement Day for a time to be reflective of our colleagues and their accolades and be proud of what you have accomplished and who you have become.

Happy Graduation!