1. Faculty participating in commencement — those not acting as marshals nor escorting a doctoral candidate — will march and sit together as representatives of the OSU faculty. To attend as a Faculty Representative, please email Andrea.McDaniel@oregonstate.edu.  

2. Academic regalia must be ordered from the OSU Bookstore before April 22 and picked up by June 12. Online ordering is available at the OSU Bookstore. Faculty members attending Commencement may rent their Cap and gown from the OSU Bookstore and charge to your department index (the appropriate account code within your Index is 28613). You may order your cap and gown online at http://osubeaverstore.com/Faculty/Regalia.

3. All faculty must report for the processional line up by 9:45 am on Saturday, June 13. Please assemble in front of Kerr Adminstration building on Jefferson Street.

4. Commencement is a rain or shine event! If it rains, we will proceed as outlined. Your academic regalia should offer some rain protection.

5. Soon after 10:00 am the procession will start from JEFFERSON STREET - in front of Kerr Admin Bldg. The procession will include – in order – the chief marshal, pipers, the colors and the president’s platform party walking between the two lines. Faculty marshals, then faculty will follow.

6. The procession will enter Reser Stadium via the southwest corner near the Valley Football Center. The ramp is steep, so watch your step. Faculty with mobility problems should contact the Registrar’s office ahead of time for special accommodations.

7. Proceed around the field as directed by your marshals. All faculty will sit as a group in front of the platform.

8. Sit down immediately upon arriving at your seat. You don’t need to wait for your row to be filled.

9. Stand when the colors are announced by a trumpet call and the rising of the platform party. You’ll also stand for the singing of the alma mater.

10. Stand for the recessional. Once the colors and platform party have left the stage, you may leave, or, if you wish remain to congratulate the graduates as they receive their diplomas.

11. Remember that you are invited to the president’s reception immediately afterward at the CH2M HILL Alumni Center. This is your opportunity to congratulate your students and greet their guests.

12. You may return your academic regalia the following week at the OSU Bookstore, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.