Lifetouch™, the official Commencement photographer, will photograph all graduates at the ceremony. After Commencement, you can view pictures online or call the customer service department at 800-505-9496 - Monday-Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm EST. Complete a registration card with your email address during the line up, and Lifetouch™, will email picture proofs within 24 hours after the ceremony.

There is no obligation to purchase. If a valid e-mail address is available to the photographer, a link to commencement photograph proofs will also be sent to participating graduates via e-mail. Please do not contact the school with inquiries related to photographic service.

There will also be university photographers covering the commencement ceremony. These images will be used to promote Oregon State University and will not be used for other purposes or by outside organizations. If you have questions, please contact University Marketing at