The Oregon State University virtual commencement will include a slide prepared for each graduate who registers to participate via GradPak. When you RSVP you will be asked to confirm your degree details, add a 120-character personal statement, upload a photo if you wish, and confirm the pronunciation of your full name. Please be prepared with your photo, statement, and audio recording of your name pronunciation.

The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on May 15 to submit a slide for the virtual commencement ceremony. If you find that you need edits made to your slide, please contact the Office of the Registrar by May 15th deadline.

1. Tips for taking a good headshot photo:

  • Use Natural Lighting
  • Keep the Background Simple
  • Dress How You Would When Meeting a New Client (or dress in a cap and gown)

2. Photo Requirements:

  • Individual headshot photo of graduate (selfies are acceptable)
  • High-resolution digital photo (jpg) in portrait mode (vertical)
  • Do not crop the original photo as cropping affects the resolution
  • No writing or imposing any text/graphics onto the image
  • Due to the Department of Defense guidelines, photos in military uniform will not be accepted
  • The photo must be in good taste and appropriate for an academic audience

3. Graduate Slides:

  • Will appear on the screen while your name is announced following the main commencement ceremony.
  • Will include your name, photo, degree, a 120-character personal statement, name pronunciation audio file and hometown

4. How to record and upload an audio file of your name pronunciation:

Record Audio:

  1. Utilizing a smartphone, open the audio recording app (if the device does not have a comparable app, please download a similar app via the App Store or Google Play)
  2. Ensure the audio recording format is set to one of the following (you can review this in the settings menu within the app): .mov, .mp3, .m4a
  3. Locate and press the ‘record’ button within the app (often represented by a ‘red circle’ icon)
  4. When the app actively begins recording, say your name (please ensure you pronounce your name clearly and at a readable pace)
  5. When you finish pronouncing your name, hit the ‘Stop’ button (often represented by a ‘square’ icon).
  6. If you are happy with the recording, save the file. If you wish to redo the recording, complete the above steps
  7. If you are completing Commencement Registration via an alternative device i.e. Laptop. Transfer the saved audio file to the device via storage media (usb, hard drive) or cloud storage.

Upload Audio file:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your ONID username and OSUEmail Address
  3. Enter the ‘Create Your Graduate Slide’ module
  4. Once in ‘Create Your Graduate Slide’ form, locate and select the ‘Upload File’ within the Audio step beneath 1. Pronunciation.
  5. You will be prompted to locate the audio file you wish to upload. Locate and select the file by navigating to the directory location in which you saved the file
  6. Select ‘Apply’ to finalize the upload
  7. Once all the steps within ‘Step 2: Create Your Graduate Slide’ has been completed, select ‘Preview Slide’
  8. If you’re happy with the Preview, select ‘Submit’ or ‘Cancel’ to edit slide